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Electric Rubyfish is the brainchild of Andy Jones and Dale Tangeman, two musicians who wanted to get back to playing live music after a long hiatus. Following a period of 'garden gigs' for friends and open mics in the Kingston, Woodstock, and Rhinebeck, NY areas, the duo decided to add more players to create an ensemble band project.

They enlisted a few musician friends and put the word out for a drummer. They found drummer/producer Ruperto Ifil, and began rehearsing a new show as Electric Rubyfish.

Electric Rubyfish played their first gig in September 2006 to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Woodstock Fire Department. The line up was composed of Andy Jones on vocals and rhythm guitar, Dale Tangeman on vocals and lead guitar, Michelle DeDominicis on bass and vocals, Ruperto Ifil on drums, and vocalists James Occhino and Rosemary Taylor. (Click to see bios of former ERF members).

The band has been recording and playing gigs ever since then and have been offered some prestigious appearances along the way including playing the BB King Blues Club and Grill in New York City, and several openings for the iconic group Jefferson Starship at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock, New York and other venues.

Electric Rubyfish have recorded four albums to date - 'Love Republic' (2008), 'Lucky World' (2009), including a part studio/part live album 'In The Raw' (2008).

ERF’s latest CD 'Willing Hearts' (2012) includes contributions from one of America’s most accomplished vocal stylists Maria Muldaur, singing the title track and two other songs that perfectly capture the sentiment of the ‘Willing Hearts’ CD.

Electric Rubyfish’s current line-up features Andy, Dale, Ruperto with Jon Coghill on bass guitar and Leesah Stiles on lead vocals. ‘Willing Hearts’ and other ERF releases are available on iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon.com. Stay tuned for news, upcoming shows and CD releases by visiting us regularly. Enjoy the music!!




Andy JonesDale TagmanJon CoghillLeesahRuperto Ifil

(left to right) Andy Jones - - rhythm guitar, vocals, DaleTangeman - - vocals, guitar, harmonica, Jon Coghil - - bass, support vocals, Leesah Stiles - - lead and support vocals, Ruperto Ifil - - drums, percussion



Andy Jones...Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

Andy Jones

Andy is a songwriter first and foremost. He made up songs as a small child and continued as a way to learn the guitar.

At University in England, Andy started playing music with like minded spirits. Duos led to trios and then to bands. The line-ups always featured ensemble singing and playing, male and female vocals blending together and original songs. Besides the originals, there were always a few unexpected covers thrown in to spice things up.

Andy's songwriting influences are very eclectic....from Jefferson Airplane to Traffic, from Bob Dylan to Brian Wilson and more recently Brazilian artistes like Milton Nascimento.

Andy came back to guitar playing and composing after many years of doing nothing. Duo gigs with Dale and solo slots at open mics, were a low pressure way back into playing. The gigs were also a way to 'road test' new material and see from the audience reaction whether old material had stood the test of time.

That ultimately led to the formation of 'Electric Rubyfish' as a live band and a recording band in 2006.

" Forming Electric Rubyfish with Dale, running into Ruperto, involving other talented friends...it has been an amazing experience"


Dale Tangeman...Guitar

Dale TangemanI started playing guitar my sophomore year of high school and joined a band that same year. Rock songs weren't very sophisticated back in the late 50's and early 60's. Most were comprised of 3 and 4 chord progressions and pretty simple to play.

We played the usual venues back then, sock hops, prom parties and any other gigs we could muster up. Some highlights along the way were winning a Battle of the Bands contest beating out some 25 or so local bands. Another fond memory was the weekend gig opening for Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons in front of 2500 screaming kids.

I played through College and Art School then was married in 1968. (What a year and decade it was) My focus then turned to supporting a family and starting a career in Advertising that spanned 33 years. As with many boomers who loved the guitar but couldn't see it as a full time profession, I sold my early Fender Strat and Jazzmaster and my Gibson Piggyback to paint my first home. If I had only known! Oh well.

I've known Andy Jones for some 20 years and about 5 or 6 years ago we both revealed our deep interest in music. We started playing old tunes at parties for friends and then eventually formed a group and it's been evolving ever since. Andy encouraged me to write songs. Something I never did much. It has been a blast exploring that aspect of music. The road is only beginning and I hope it is a long journey.


Ruperto Ifil...Drums/Percussion

Ruperto Ifil

Ruperto began his professional career in music with his close friend, legendary Avant Garde musician Arthur Rhames. Early on, they were blessed with the opportunity to play with master Jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie, who encouraged them, and they kept playing, and creating new ideas in fusion.

Ruperto has produced, promoted and/or played events with Jaco Pastorius, The Chambers Brothers, Mandrill, Parliament/Funkadelic, Bad Brains, David Sancious, Jack DeJohnette, the Duchess of Funk, Slam Allen, NY Funk Alliance, The Heavy Weather Band, Flash Band, Los Chingones, The John Schrader Band, and other on-going freelance projects. Ruperto is proud to be a part of the Electric Rubyfish experience.

See info on Ruperto: on Reverb Nation , on MySpace , facebook.com/ruperto.ifil


Jon Coghill...Bass/Guitar

Jon CoghillJon has been performing on Bass or Guitar in the tri-state area for over 20 years. He has played/recorded with, The Rick Z Band , The Real Men, Mambo Kikongo, Sonando, Los Tainos, Los Chingones, Tangoman, Peggy Stern, Ari-up, Millenium-7, The Flash Band and many more.Jon holds a BA in communications and a minor in music from Marist college, he also studied music at the University of Hartford and the Camerata Conservatory before relocating to NY.






Leesah Stiles

Jon CoghillWhether she is performing her cabaret act in Manhattan, Atlantic City and Florida or rockin' the house with area bands in The Hudson Valley this redhead is at home in the limelight. You may have heard her voice on local radio commercials or saw her performing in various theater productions across the country. She is known to hug random strangers and is constantly followed by the paparazzi. Little do they know she is having torrid affairs with several well-known celebrities! She hopes to have found her happily ever after here in the beautiful Hudson Valley.





Former members of ERF include:

* Barbara Cobb: Bass Player in Electric Rubyfish version 2. Played with Laura Nyro among others. Checkout Barbara on 'Lucky World'.

* Michelle DeDominicis: Bass Player, singer, composer and sometime guitarist. Michelle composed 'Deep' and 'A. Shadow, A Reflection, An Eye', among others with Andy. Hear Michelle, featured on 'Love Republic' and as a contributor on lead guitar, to 'Lucky World'.

* Josie Eriole: Lead Vocalist in Electric Rubyfish version 2. Josie is a master of many musical styles. It showed when she made magic happen on 'Lucky World'. Check out 'Distant Thunder' and her own favorite 'Chain Of Circumstance'.

* James Occhino: Vocalist in Electric Rubyfish version 1. Co-writer and lead singer on one of the band's most popular songs : 'Girl's Talking' from 'Lucky World'.

* Rosemary Taylor: Harmony vocalist in Electric Rubyfish version 1. Demonstrated a real talent for harmony singing that helped to create a rich choral sound. Check out Rosemary on 'Love Republic' and 'In The Raw'.

Guest Musicians:

* Maria Muldaur: Special guest vocals on “Deep”, “Dirty Blues” and “Willing Hearts” on 'Willing Hearts' CD.

* Ross Rice: Keyboards on 'Willing Hearts' CD -- “Ross brought magic to this project!” (R.Ifil, producer.)

* Ben Newsome: Saxophone on 'Love Republic' and 'Lucky World'.

* Alana Orr - The Dutchess of Funk: Bass player on'Gone Good In A World Gone Bad' on 'In The Raw'.

* Ted Orr: Ted's lead guitar contributions can be heard on 'Lucky World'.

* Mike Schirmer: Keyboards on two of our earliest tracks- 'And I'm Dreaming' and 'Opening Doors'.

* Richard Sullivan: Keyboard player extraordinaire on 'Lucky World'.

* David CasT: Rock and roll saxophone on 'Evil Woman' from 'Lucky World'.